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We are experts in conservatory construction and can ensure you get a efficient and reliable service. Many of our happy customers have used our services to extend their home, add value to their property and give you a new perspective from your own home that a conservatory from John Parker Fixings offers.

We have been established for many years and have the expertise to ensure you get a fantastic conservatory for your money. We use the latest products and technology in conservatories and can ensure yours is a modern day, secure, weatherproof and long lasting solution for your home.

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John Parker Fixings Edwardian Conservatories

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Whatever your specific solution, we will ensure we have a conservatory that matches your needs and provide a conservatory that is perfect for your home.

John Parker Fixings Edwardian Conservatories


One of our most popular styles of conservatory. This suits a new build or an older style home. These Victorian Conservatories feature a bay window, and create wide angles for ultimate viewing perspective.



Also known as the Georgian conservatory. Lots of light and air and maximises a given space to give more room in your conservatory. impressive ceilings are also a key feature of any Edwardian Conservatory.

edwardian conservatory


A Gable Conservatory has a high front Gable frame, its a really impressive structure. These conservatories have a similar roof structure to typical properties.

gable conservatories