Planning permission and next steps.

Taking care of all the permits or planning permissions that are involved is another part of the service. We have the people that have been trained to perform every aspect of the building process it takes to complete the conservatory. Every staff member of John Parker Fixings used from the foundation through the entire project will be monitored to ensure their work passes all inspection and is continually up to code. All of the work is also insured and guaranteed.

To see if an Edwardian conservatory is right for you visit John Parker Fixings to see what he has to offer you. This would be a great addition to any home to help raise the value of the home. Not only will it raise the value of the home it will also raise the quality of living.

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Edwardian Conservatories

The Edwardian Conservatory is the ultimate way to enjoy an outdoor living area.

This room is structurally sound enough to stand alone from the existing structure of your home. It is structurally sound as well as thermally efficient enough to be enjoyed all year long.

The roof of an edwardian conservatory is a hip designed roof that gives it a unique look of its own. These conservatories can also be attached to the building much like the gable conservatory bit with a total different design.

These conservatories can also be constructed with a finish to match your existing home.

Benefits of Edwardian Conservatories.

The Classical Design:

The Edwardian conservatory has a unique style and elegance. This classical look is one of the reasons that a conservatory of this type stands out from the rest.

Very Effective Use of Space

The mostly square design utilizes the available space in the most effective way. There is no lost corners or hidden areas that are not used.


Most Edwardian conservatories are square or rectangle in shape allowing for most furniture designs to be used.

Blends Well with Most Properties

Due to the classical standard shape and design of this conservatory it will add to the appearance of most properties. It really looks like it belongs there after it blend in well with the surrounding property.

Energy Efficiency

Using the sun’s rays in the winter time to heat up the room to provide a snice getaway from the long cold winters we have is one of the best advantages this conservatory has to offer.

Choice of Finish

Most Edwardian conservatories are available in a finish to match most existing homes. One of the most popular finishes is white pvcu.

There are different woodgrain finishes that are also available as well as a number of colors for paint choices. Most people will choose a certain finish for the outside so it will match their home and surroundings.

While choosing a certain color for the outside another popular choice is finishing the inside a white color. The white color on the inside helps to reflect the light coming in to help with natural lighting.

To make sure the Edwardian conservatory is absolutely perfect for you we make sure that every possible bit of care is taken throughout the entire project.

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