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Bi-Fold Door Installation

Bi-fold doors offer a visually appealing and functional way to connect your interior rooms or open up your home to the outdoors. With a variety of frame styles and materials, there is a bi-fold window option that will fit your house perfectly. The doors can swing inward or out, and can include screens if desired as well.

Bi-fold windows offer superior protection against the elements, ensuring your energy expenses will stay low and the interior temperature will always be comfortable no matter what the weather.

The accordion style characteristic of bi-fold doors allows for a perfect fit in smaller spaces, though they are a very flexible window option – bi-fold doors can come with as few as two panels, or up to 16 to handle the largest of installation needs. The windows are easy to use and glide open and closed readily on smooth tracks. Bi-fold windows are an inexpensive option for window renovations and require little to no maintenance aside from typical wipe down cleaning. This makes them ideal for use in busy, high traffic areas of your home or business.

Of course, the most exciting benefit of bi-fold doors includes a panoramic view of your home or garden, as well as the ability to open the doors for greater air circulation. Any room would benefit from a surge of sunny, natural light and a fresh breeze!

John Parker Fixings can professionally install bi-fold doors in both residential and commercial buildings to provide your property with a bright and updated new look. With over 30 years of experience installing doors, conservatories, roof liners, windows, and more, our skilled employees perform these services to the highest standards, along with providing impeccable customer service.

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