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Guttering, Fascia and Soffits

The fascia and gutters of your home play a very important part in the performance of your home. The fascia is important because it adds a nice finishing touch to the sub fascia that is located at the end of your rafters. After the fascia is added then it is a great idea to have gutters installed. Gutter help to direct the water from your roof to certain areas of your home to prevent moisture problems. Gutters will direct water away from your home to help prevent erosion at the end of the roof of your home where water comes from the roof. One of the best materials used for gutters and fascia is PVCu that will last a long time. We will take a look at some of the benefits and facts that make PVCu fascia and gutters a great choice for your home.

Choosing the right materials.

PVCu material is a long lasting material that requires very little maintenance. Having gutter from this material will also last a long time. We all know how big of a task it is to keep gutters clean. With traditional metal gutters of aluminium and galvanized metal if we do not clean them often as we should, they will develop rust. If these rust spots and corrosion are not taken care of in the proper way and in proper time they will start to leak at the various spots. Long lasting PVCu gutters will not develop these kinds of trouble areas.

At times traditional Fascia that is made from wood such as cedar and red wood will eventually develop stains as the fasteners used to hang the gutters rust and begin to leave watermarks on the wood. Rot will also develop on a wood fascia behind the gutters as moisture is trapped and held in the wood behind the gutters. This not a problem at all with PVCu fascia. It does not require replacing PVCu fascia as it would require often time replacing wooden fascia.

Another great thing about PVCu Gutters, Fascia and Soffits are the long lasting, non-fade colours that are available to you. The colours that are available in will match any type of exterior you may have.

PVCu gutters and fascia can be kept looking great by using a pressure washer and washing them clean. Painting is not required to keep these material looking great year end and year out.

Importance of Trained Professional Installation.

Installing gutters and fascia of any type should be done by a trained professional. There are several reasons why a DIY person should not try to install this product. The professionals are trained and schooled in the techniques that are required to properly install this material. Not only are the properly trained they will also have the right equipment required to get the job done properly. Manufacturing companies of these particular products will offer a warranty only if they are installed by trained professionals.  John Park Fixings from Ipswich, Suffolk will make sure that you will receive the quality work needed for fascia and gutter installation from their trained professionals.

Fascia and Guttering Materials and Options.

The basic materials and fittings that are used in traditional gutters and fascia are also available in PVCu. Fittings such as couplings, 90 and 45 degree joints are also available. End plates and downspouts will help to finish any run of gutters.

After the gutters are installed then you can also use the downspout pipes that are also made of PVCu. If you are looking to install long lasting gutters and you have wooden a wooden fascia it is a good idea to place to cover the wood fascia with clad PVCu before the gutter is installed.

This will prevent you from removing the gutters a short while later only to replace the fascia you have. If you are building a new project, it is suggested to use a PVCu fascia if you are planning to install this type of gutter.

The cost of this type of material will be more than traditional fascia and gutters but the extra cost is well worth it.

No matter what type of project you are working with the need for gutters will always be there. In our opinion we would suggest that every home and business should have the option to have PVCu Gutters and Fascia.

Roofline services for Ipswich and Suffolk

Flaky paint, rotten timber, leaky guttering can lead to the exterior of your property looking tired and neglected.

New fascia, soffit, bargeboards and guttering give an instant lift to the appearance of your property with the added advantage that once installed it is virtually maintenance free. Whether new build or removal and replacement of existing roofline, our experts have a wealth of experience in all types of Installation, be it Fascia, Soffit, Bargeboards, Cladding or Guttering.

Offering a variety of colours, your roofline can enhance your property and modernise a dated property into something much more contemporary. Current trends have seen the use of the new anthracite grey foils, or why not colour co-ordinate to your windows or conservatory with our range of wood effect UPVC foils.

White, Cream grain, White grain, Rosewood, Golden Oak or Black. Whatever your style, John Parker Fixings hold a comprehensive range in stock. All products are backed by a ten year product guarantee, exactly what you would expect as all our products are manufactured by Swish Building products.


Please visit our depot at Ransomes, Ipswich for all of your Roofline needs. We have a comprehensive stock of Fascia, both 16mm & 20mm, Soffit, Claddings and Rainwater ready to take away today.

Need guttering? we have that too. We hold a full stock of Half Round, Square, Ogee and Deep Rainwate in Black, Brown & White.


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All products are backed by a ten year product guarantee, exactly what you would expect as all our products are manufactured by Swish Building products.

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