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Bay Windows

A Beautiful Addition
Bay windows are a beautiful addition to homes of any style or age. They increase the value of a home from the outside, creating a modern, eye pleasing exterior, as well as from the inside by brightening your living spaces and providing extra storage.

Encourage Natural Light
Bay windows allow natural light to pour into your home and make smaller rooms feel more open and spacious. Cross breezes from the windows are very effective in allowing fresh air to better circulate through a house. Bay windows are common in living rooms but can be placed in any room depending on preference and need. Anywhere they are placed, they will provide a secure and energy efficient addition and can be seamlessly installed to match your current decor.

Variable uses for the space
With a little creative decorating, you can easily customize your new bay windows and create a peaceful reading alcove or a stylized, elegant dining area that overlooks a garden. A cozy breakfast nook would even be at home in your new bay window space! Bay windows can also allow for hidden storage areas. Features such as benches placed under the window sills allow space for shelves, drawers, and other storage solutions to be installed. This greatly reduces visual clutter in your home and frees up much needed space in smaller rooms.

John Parker Fixings Expertise for Bay Windows
John Parker Fixings has over 30 years’ experience installing a variety of types of windows, as well as performing other home improvement services in the Suffolk area such as building conservatories, roof linings, and furnishing new doors. We can also replace your existing bay windows.

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