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Casement Windows

Maximise Airflow
Casement windows allow a maximum amount of airflow to go through your property and allows you to fully open your window. Compared to other window types, such as

  • Sliding windows, which allows a maximum of 50% of the window to have an opening.
  • Fixed windows, these never open!
  • Sash Windows, these allow just half of the window to be open.

Few Muntins
The strip between panes on your window made from wood, vinyl, metal, or fibreglass.

Sometimes the window has a fake muntin that means that its added for effect. If you dislike the muntins on your windows then you are in luck as the casement window does not have or as many of these!

More secure than most window types
Casement windows offer an extra layer of security because the locks are often hook shaped and these hooks get embedded into the frame of the window.

If security is important to you then these windows will offer that extra bit of peace of mind.

They funnel breezes into your home
We already mentioned how the window maxmises the amount of space available for a breeze to come in through your home, and the casement window actually helps add more breeze by being at a slight angle to redirect any breezes into your home.

This means that on a hot summers day in a hot room that you can quickly provide a nice cooling breeze by opening one window in the front of your home and another at the back of your home. Constantly recycling the air in your home is also a great way to get rid of dust and any lingering smells!

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