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Double Glazing at John Parker Fixings

We can expertly install double glazed windows in your home or business! The most important benefit that clients seek from double glazed windows is their superior insulation.

Energy Efficiency
This type of window offers an extremely efficient method of reducing your energy expenses. Double glazed windows are made of two panes with a pocket of air and inert gas in between. This feature greatly improves insulation and reduces drafts by creating a stronger barrier between the elements and the inside of your home than a single pane window can provide.

Less Demand on your home heating
By adding this level of insulation to your windows, you ensure far less of a demand on your home’s heater, which makes it easier to keep a constant comfortable temperature. Likewise, in the summer months, the same insulation will help keep the cool air in. Coupled with uPCV frames your energy efficiency will be even greater, though there are several types of frames available including aluminum and wood, to match your home’s decor and your personal preferences.

No more noise!
An added advantage of double glazed windows is that the process also creates an effective barrier against noise pollution, which creates a quieter home environment. Double glazed windows also add a layer of security to your home, as they are more difficult to break than standard single pane windows.

An important investment, get it done right
Double glazed windows are an important investment to make in your home. Your return in the form of reduced energy bills will benefit you for many years to come!

Variety of Materials
Our double glazed windows can be framed in a variety of materials such as uPVC, wood, or aluminum to ensure a seamless blend with the current look and style of your home. Contact John Parker Fixings today to schedule a consultation at your convenience. We will use this time to take measurements and learn your specific needs for your home!

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