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Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

One of the biggest things we are constantly battling is the intrusion of unwanted air into our homes. No matter where we live or the type of building we live in most of the unwanted air the enters our home will enter through the doors and windows.

Natural sunlight will enter into the doors and windows. There are times when this natural sunlight is great or heating and warming the interiors of our homes during winter.

During the summer months we want to keep the natural sunlight out for cooler air. It is for this reason that insulated windows and doors help us to combat this issue. Insulated window and doors are available in a variety of styles and materials.

Types of Energy Efficient Windows and Doors.

When we think of energy efficiency we the first thing that coke to our minds is insulation.

Most of the energy efficient doors and windows we use are based on this same principle.

There are several ways that energy efficient doors and windows are designed in order to help cut energy cost.

  • Tinted Glass: The glass of tinted windows is colored to help reduce the amount of heat that is absorbed when the sun shines on the window. Windows that are tinted gray or bronze will block both heat and visible light. This will make the room behind the window darker. Green and blue tints will block heat without blocking light.
  • Double and Triple Glazed: These window consists of two or three panel of windows that are put together with an air space between them. These windows and doors have excellent insulating properties. The air between the glass panels will reduce the heat transferred through the window. This is known as the U-factor. The lower the U-factor the better insulated the window is.
  • Low-Emissivity Coatings: Low-e coatings are very thin layers of metal of metal oxide that is applied to the glass in insulated windows. This small coating is very difficult to see but it appears with a slight green tint on the glass.

Insulated windows and doors are also available in a variety of different building materials to match the decor of any type of remodeling or new construction project.

Some of the most common materials used are wood, aluminum, and vinyl.

Insulated windows as well as doors can be retrofitted to fit custom openings that are not considered as standard sizes.

The options that are available when choosing insulated window and doors will have an effect on the price of them. Naturally the more expensive the materials are and the more energy efficient design will drive the price if the door and windows higher.

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