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Sash Windows

An elegant design
The Sash Window design is a classic window design has been around for a long time. The style may not have changed much but the technology behind how the window works has, whilst keeping the elegance and beauty of the design but with a modern twist.

Versatile appearance
Whether you have an old property or a modern property. Sash windows will look great on virtually every property! The range of materials also allows you to be flexible in how the windows appear on your home to give that extra visual appeal.

Security – Peace of mind
The Sash windows that John Parker Fixings supply are some of the most secure and reputable on the market today. The locking mechanism on our range of windows ensures that anyone looking to come through the window is going to have a lot of trouble getting through without breaking the window completely and making a lot of noise! Our windows will still function and be just as secure in 5 years and even longer dependent on the materials you decide to use.

John Parker Fixings Expertise for Sash Windows
John Parker Fixings has over 30 years’ experience installing a variety of types of windows, as well as performing other home improvement services in the Suffolk area. We can also replace your existing Sash windows for brand new ones if you wish!

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